Document Management

How does your business manage its data? If you’re drowning in paper or can’t seem to figure out a practical answer for how to maintain your electronic files, Southwest Copy Systems has a solution for you: document management. Document management is a software-based service that helps businesses of all sizes store, manage, secure, and track documents to streamline their company’s data management. These powerful solutions are designed to enhance workflows, automate processes, and increase team productivity.

Benefits of Document Management:

  • Organization of all of your files for easy, immediate access
  • Secure all company data and limit access to specified files
  • Easily adhere to all necessary compliance standards
  • Improved file search capabilities for quicker access
  • Enhance and track document workflows
  • Better collaboration
  • Remote access to company data for off-site employees
  • Dramatically reduce loose paper and file cabinets
  • Integrate with existing ERPs, CRMs, and more

The Southwest Copy Systems Difference

We partner with industry leaders in document management software, including Square 9 and DocuWare, to provide all of our Albuquerque and Santa Fe area clients with top-notch, affordable solutions. This state-of-the-art technology allows you to easily integrate with your existing ERP and CRM systems, making document management a way to streamline and even automate processes by building business intelligence into your team’s everyday workflows. Moreover, data security is a key factor of Southwest Copy Systems’ document management offerings. We can help you utilize this software to implement permissions for information access, ensuring only authorized employees are able to access confidential files. Collaboration among your team is enhanced, as sharing files will be easier than ever, and remote access is possible when members of your team are off-site.

What’s Included with Document Management?

  • FREE assessment of your current filing system
  • Recommendations for the best document management solution for your workflows
  • Installation of new software
  • Staff training
  • Scanning of hardcopy documents and integration with your new solution
  • Conversion of existing files to your new document management solution
  • Recommendations and implementation for indexing and storing your files
  • Ongoing support



    "We have enjoyed almost thirty years of excellent equipment and great service from the crew at Southwest Copy Systems. Their courteous, impeccable and prompt service has always been immediate and most appropriate… we look forward to many more years of trouble free networking and reproduction!"

    John A Biava, Assaigai Analytical Labs

    "We have used Southwest Copy Systems since 2005 and have had nothing but a positive experience. There was only one time in the last year which required [service]. The down time was extremely short and had no impact on the church. When supplies are ordered…. [they] are received the very next day. I am highly recommending Southwest Copy Systems for their impeccable service, high quality inventory and for being cost effective."

    Becky McMillan, Lutheran Church

    "[Southwest Copy Systems] exceeded our expectations in this equipment conversion. You traveled to 4 different locations to ensure everything went smoothly and that there was no disruption to our business; NONE! I can’t begin to tell you how pleased we are with both the new equipment as well as your level of service. As always you exceed our expectations!"

    Bill Schritter, Builders Source, Inc.